Who needs a computer when you can just use a typewriter? Okay, we shouldn't generalize it that much, but typewriters are still very useful for typing documents that won't need to be edited again or when you need to quickly get some thoughts on paper and you don't feel like writing or waiting for the computer to start up. A domain where typewriters still beat computers hands down? Filling out forms — typewriters are pefect for typesetting information onto form documents. You can always print out a document and type directly on it with a typewriter for a more natural experience, rather than using Adobe Reader.

Maybe you don't want a typewriter… but you do want a better keyboard. Buy the IBM Model M keyboard from UNICOMP, which continues to make what many have called the greatest keyboard of all time!

Mainframe Computers

The IBM 1401 was announced by IBM in 1959. Today, there are only three left in existence, and two of them are the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California:

Here are some resources not pertinent to retrocomputing so much as they are pertinent to computing in general!

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