BBSs all but met their decline with the rise of dial-up Internet access in 1995 — but who said BBSing was dead? Here, you'll find resources for BBS enthusiasts and hobbyists, Who's your SysOp?

How many BBSs are there out there? Check out our BBS directory. This directory includes BBSs from as recently as a few years ago to some of the BBSs that came online in the late 1990s, after dial-up Internet had killed most of them (or turned them into ISPs). It includes in a single compact PDF all the numbers in the listings below except for the Historical BBS List from Text Files.

Also, check out the PhreakNet BBS! Registration is free and you'll find chat, messages, and files on the board!

Other Lists of BBS #s

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BBS Software

Terminal Emulation

To connect to another computer you will need a terminal emulator. HyperTerminal is included in most versions of Windows up through Windows XP. Go to Start → Programs → Accessories → Communications → Hyperterminal.